Tarot Card Generator
Three Cards
Major and Minor Arcana allowing reversed cards
How to use this tarot generator: basics

- choose a layout from the menu that will best answer your question (a 3 card layout is the best to start with)
- think about something that you really want to know, that bothers you, that worries you
- try to avoid questions with yes/no answers, specific locations or dates
- close your eyes and ask the question in your mind, powerfully
- ask in your mind to the Universe, powerfully, so the whole Universe listens to your question
- assign a meaning to each card before opening them (for example: the first card will mean past, the second present and the third future...)
- or just think in your mind: "the next 3 cards will give me the answer"
- then click on "deal new cards" and open them
- scroll down and read the simbolic meaning of each card
- understand the meaning of each card individually and then try to read the answer as a whole

- enjoy the magic of the Universe

Extra tips
- if the meaning is not avaliable yet, search for the meaning using the search bar, taking into consideration if they are in reversed or upright position
- don't ask the same question over and over again (if you play with the Universe, the Universe will play with you)
- if you need to ask about the same thing again, ask in a different way, ask from a different angle

Sample Questions:
- "This is what this person thinks about me..."
- "This is what this person feels about me..."
- "This is how this person will react if I ask him/her certain thing..."
- "This is how my relationship will be if I date this person..."
- "This is the kind of relationship that this person wants to have with me..."
- "This is the reason why I am still single..."
- "This will be my experience if I continue to date this person..."
- "This is what I need to do to find love in my life..."
- "This is what I need in my life right now..."
- "This is what this person needs in his/her life right now..."
- "This is what I should focus on today..."
- "This will be my experience if I do this..."
- "This will be my experience if I don't do this..."
- "This will be my experience if I move to this city..."
- "This will be my experience if I apply to that job..."
- "This is what I should do to solve this problem right now..."
- "Which advice should I give to this person right now..."
- "This is the reason why this person is not communicating with me..."
- "This will be the outcome of this situation..."
- "This is the reason why this happened to me..."
- "This is the root of all my problems..."
- "This is what this person is hidding from me..."
- "This is what this person expects from me right now..."